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就職偏差値 Moja Smasher
Detail about Moja Smasher

Moja Smasher.
A simple game that you will surely enjoy on your free time, moja is the name of the alien characters that been given by the game maker.

attention! attention! an unidentified flying object has been caught landing in the planet.
Moja is what we called of the aliens who landed in the planet.
moja the aliens are planning to invade the planet by using their force together.
they landed on the isolated part of the planet and build their headquarter.
there are different types of moja aliens who landed and trying to invade the planet.

now its time for you to depend the planet from this nasty aliens who are trying to invade us.
you must defeat every moja alien you see attacking the planet.
they have this nasty blood with green color stains when you smash them.
dont let any of this moja aliens past through you or it is game over to you.

how to defeat them? by just simply tapping your fingers in every moja alien you see running towards you.
smash them all and dont let any of this moja aliens escape.
be attentive because some of this nasty moja aliens have fast moves to make you lost your concentration in defeating them. some run faster as the other to defeat you so be attentive and aware to your sorroundings.

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