Our company, we operate in the Japanese and Filipino 2. If the wind blows, you may hear well with the company, such as fly. Our company, only typhoon comes, radio waves of situation deteriorates, it may become impossible operation. However, even in such a situation, we would like to continue to win in the capitalist society. To that end, in the regional and global world, and we want to create new value.


名称 合同会社KZK
設立日 2016年1月
代表 宮田 大
事業目的 インターネットコンテンツの企画・制作・運営。
従業員 デザイナー 1名

Designer Message

Hello everybody. I am a designer. In our company, primarily is responsible in our designs, but let me do it a variety of things such as programming, project planning and translating. Therefore, there is very challenging, I have sent a fulfilling life.